Application By An Employer For Inter-Seta Transfer

What is an Inter-SETA Transfer?

  • It is the process of transferring an entity from one SETA to another SETA.

How to apply for Inter-Seta Transfer?

One needs to fill in one of the application forms below.

IST-01 application form (transferring from Other SETA to SERVICES SETA).

IST-01 application form (transferring from the Services SETA to any other SETA).

In case of a transfer from the Services SETA to any other SETA the application form must then be sent by email to

Reason/s an entity may request for an Inter-SETA Transfer?

  1. The core business of the employer falls within the scope of the SETA as demarcated in Regulations R. 316 of 31 March or R. 656 of 1 July 2005.
  2. The core business of the company/enterprise has changed since the previous registration with SARS.
  3. The employer falls within the jurisdiction of more than one SETA, and the employer’s application to transfer to the new SETA is motivated on the basis of:
  • the composition of the workforce,
  • the amount of remuneration paid or payable to the different categories of employees; and
  • the training needs of the different categories of employees.

Application Process

Additional information

Application form must be accompanied by the motivational letter, which should clearly state the reason/s relied on, as well as a company profile.

List of Services SETA Sic codes

New Sic Codes List Gazette – 22 July 2019

  • Please direct your application (with the required documents) to the following email address:
  • For further assistance, please contact 011 276 9600.
  • NB: The Services SETA process takes a minimum of 3 months to complete.