Employers / Discretionary Grants


Discretionary Grants

The Services SETA makes grant funding available during a window period in which it accepts applications from the employers. The opening of this window is advertised on the SETA website, national and community media.

Discretionary funding is allocated to non-PIVOTAL programmes. Non-Pivotal Programmes are programmes which do not lead to credit bearing qualifications, however address key objectives and priorities of the SETA. Non-Pivotal programmes include Career Guidance and Sector Conferences.

The Purpose of the Discretionary Grants is to:
  • Enable the SETA to implement the Sector Skills Plan.
  • Assist the SETA to achieve its objectives in relation to the development of the sector.
  • Enable the SETA to address the scarce and critical Skills in the sector.

Discretionary Grants are allocated at the sole discretion of the SETA Accounting Authority depending on the availability of funds, adherence to specific criteria as per the Services SETA Discretionary Grants Policy and Guidelines.

Who Qualifies for Discretionary Grants Funding?

A Discretionary Grant may be paid to the following applicants

  • Employers within the jurisdiction of the Services SETA who are up-to-date with the levy payments - including those exempted in terms of the Skills Development Levy Act.
  • Discretionary grants are available to employers, training providers, and workers and the unemployed.
  • Accredited Education and Training Providers and emerging training providers within the scope of the Services SETA.
  • Associations or organisations that meet the criteria for the payment of such a grant.
  • An employer, if the employer has submitted an application for a discretionary grant in the form determined by the SETA.
How to Apply?

Applicants should submit their Discretionary Grant application/s using the DG Portal.

When to Apply?

Applications for Discretionary Grants must be made and approved by Services SETA before any training or other activity related to the skills development project applied for can commence. The Discretionary Grant applications must be submitted to Services SETA by the date specified in the Request for Proposals.

  • Entity registers on the Services SETA website
  • Application is made on the Services SETA website
    a. Submission of mandatory documentation uploaded onto portal (this is guided by the specific advert)
    b. Submission of additional documentation uploaded onto portal (this is guided by the specific advert)
  • Application is completed and submitted


  • Due diligence is scheduled and conducted
  • Successful applications are brought forward to the Services SETA Accounting Authority for approval
  • Offer letters are drafted and submitted to the Lead Employer
  • Lead Employer signs and accepts offer letter and submits back to the Services SETA
  • Suspensive documentation is submitted to the Services SETA


  • Assistance to entities on the coordination of the project.
  • Reporting on the SQMR
  • Facilitation to ensure Induction and Monitoring visits are conducted by Monitors
  • Monitoring of submission and claiming of Invoicing


  • The successful completion of all project closeout reports and any other end of project requirements.