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Submit an Invoice

Purpose of Invoice Management System

The Services SETA Invoice Management System (IMS) is an integrated portal developed to streamline the invoice process from submission to payment.

The key features of the system are:
  1. Automated invoice building – service provider being able to build the invoice that is linked to an approved purchase order (PO) or signed contract based on agreed deliverables
  2. Uploading and updating of supporting documents – supporting documents are a necessity for an invoice to be processed
  3. Invoice tracking – ability of service provider to get notifications or view status of invoice from receipt by SETA, verification; approval and payment of the invoice
  4. Messaging ability – verifiers and end users can send instant messages to service providers on any aspects changed on the invoice during the verification stages.
  5. Real time invoice register – all submitted invoices are tracked as per requirements of the PFMA for payments of invoices to be made with 30 days from submission date.
  6. Payment remittance – once an invoice has been paid a remittance email is sent to service provider informing amount and invoice paid


All service providers with active discretionary grant (DG) contracts, special project (SP) contracts, service contracts and POs can use the portal for invoice building, uploading supporting documents and tracking.

The URL to be used by service providers is and manual is available within the portal.

Each service provider is sent an email from a mailbox with information relating to the vendor name and contract number which must be used to log onto the portal.