Setting The Bar For Service Excellence

Posted On : 2020-05-11

A well-oiled machine relies on the contribution of each part to function optimally. At Services SETA, our goal is to always strive to provide exceptional service to all our valued stakeholders. Sometimes things don’t go as perfectly as we had envisaged and we learn from it. But most times everything flows as perfectly as we had wanted it to.  


It was therefore quite edifying to receive acknowledgments and words of gratitude from one of our stakeholders, thanking us for the assistance we provided his organisation on the project they were undertaking. Company representative Mr. Adrian Harris, from African Spirit Trading 327 (Pty) Ltd t/a Charter Academy, had nothing but praise for the Services SETA. 


“Thank you for the excellent manner in which you approached this application. Your professionalism, service standards and commitment was exceptional given the current constraints,” he warmly shared.


He had special praise for the Services SETA team which had handled his matter as he shared his pleasant experience with our CEO.



“Ms. Buzo may I take the opportunity of also congratulating you and your team for the excellent support we received thus far. It really is refreshing to see and experience such service standards under such trying circumstances. A fine example for others in the educational space. We look forward to your support in concluding the balance of the process,” Mr. Adrian Harris.


The Services SETA is proud of the Accreditation team that provided excellent and speedy service to Mr. Harris. “As public servants, helping people and giving them excellent service is the very reason for our existence. As the leadership of Services SETA, we are putting a lot of effort to instill a responsive culture amongst our staff. We understand that building this culture is not an event, it is a journey. We are encouraged by the positive feedback and we continue to take measures to address all areas of our business where we still get negative feedback from our stakeholders,” Amanda Buzo.

We encourage all our colleagues to take a leaf out of this experience and endeavor to similarly apply themselves in their engagements and interactions with all our stakeholders.