Stipend Payment Changes

Posted On : 2019-11-11

 The Organisational Brand Management Team caught up with the Chief Financial Officer to understand the changes in how Services SETA pays stipends to learners. This follows a decision by the Services SETA to insource the payment of stipends to the learner.The Chief Financial Officer, Tsheola Matsebe, had a huge task to set up a new team that will be dedicated to paying stipends which started with the payment of the September stipend.

                    1.   Why is this change important and what is the reason for it?

  1. CFO- Putting our key stakeholders at the centre of what we do and how we do it for a firsthand experience

    2.   What do entities need to do to ensure prompt payment of stipends?

    -        Administer learner attendance through timeous submission of compliant registers and confirmation of attendance calculations

    3.   What was the biggest challenge with the first payment and what are future plans to resolve these?

    -        None, late or incomplete submission of attendance registers

    -        None submission of payment details(phone number or account number)

    -        None compliant attendance registers (e.g. not signed by facilitators, incomplete learner details, wrong template)

    -        Incorrect submission of banking details

    -        Inadequately tested instant money payment process

    -        Terminated or none SETA learners submitting attendance register

    4.   Why should stakeholders support this change?

    -        For a better attendance monitoring and output rate

    5.   Where is the team based?

    -        Head Office

    6.   What will be the role of provincial offices in this change?

    -        Assist in addressing stipend queries 

    7.   What is the role of the Services SETA and Employers in relation to UIF and COIDA?

    -        Refer to attached programme cycle

    8.   What happens to outstanding stipends not paid by the company previously managing stipend payment?

    -        Queries are to be send to (Evidence that attendance registers were sent to previous company must be provided)

    9.   Please simplify the payment cycle and why is it important?

    -        Due to stipend allowance based on attendance and months having different working days, payment cycle is to ensure that allowance are based on 21 days throughout the lifespan of the programme 

    10.   What is the service promise of the new team?

    -        Constant payments of stipend allowance to eligible beneficiaries at correct time

    For more info please download below documents.

    Programme and Payment Cycle

    Stipend Payment Changes