Stakeholder Engagement Sessions

The Services SETA has been in transition from the legacy based Standards qualifications to occupationally-directed qualification, which have resulted in changes in funding, implementation, and quality assurance. Due to these changes, the Services SETA held national stakeholder engagement sessions.

These engagements were designed to share information with stakeholders in the services sector such as employers, Skills Development Providers, Assessors, and Moderators. A great deal of information was shared with the stakeholders.

KwaZulu Natal

Cape Town

Bury Bullying

Bullying is a scourge and a social epidemic that has unfortunately permeated and ingrained itself into our society. Like a cancer, it eats away at its victims in silence and undetected for a very long time. Sometimes only discovered once it is too late.

We all know someone who has either been a victim or a perpetrator of bullying. Like any other unwelcome advance, bullying has a lasting impact on its victims and leaves a lifetime of trauma on its victims. It affects its victims in both their private and public life, as well as their overall academic performance.

As part of our effort to address and shine the light on this scourge, we created a campaign to bring attention to this anti-social behaviour. We hope that by doing this, we will begin to nip this disease in the bud early as it tries to rear its ugly head.

Coming out of our anti-bullying campaign, we have catalogued and repurposed some of the pieces that were created, along with other content, into resources that can be used by educators and learners to assist them in their own anti-bullying initiatives and campaigns. These resources can be used to create awareness and to develop skills that are needed to identify, intervene and mediate where there is conflict among learners.
Furthermore, as part of this campaign, we are spreading the message of self-love, kindness, and collegiality among learners to help encourage mutual respect among each other. 

If you would like your school, organisation or business to get involved, please reach out to us and join the Burying Bullying Now Movement.