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Special Projects

The Special Projects unit was established by the Accounting Authority to primarily address its transformational agenda and rural and township revitalisation. The special projects unit implements projects that benefit disadvantaged people such as women, youth and disabled people, based on their needs as determined by environmental scanning.

These projects contribute towards the economy of the municipalities and youth unemployment and aims to change the mind-set of the youth by fostering a belief that they are able to accomplish anything irrespective of the community and region that they live in and in turn they can also contribute in the growth and development of that community.

Special projects also target NGOs, Cooperatives, local municipalities and public entities. Interested parties can apply for grants through Discretionary Grant window application process.

These are some of the projects we pride ourselves in:
Kliptown Project

The Service Seta allocated funding to Kliptown Youth Programme (KYP) which is located in the heart of Kliptown, Soweto, an area in dire need of development and support. Skills development projects were initiated in partnership with KYP with the aim of to improving the lives of the people living in this area and restore hope in the youth. The youth are supported through bursaries to study in public universities as well as public TVET colleges and learnership programmes.

Disabled People of South Africa

Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) is a non- government organisation established in 1984 to represent persons with disabilities. The purpose of the project is to support the community to achieve economic inclusivity through implementation of various learning programmes such as learnerships and skills programmes.

South African National Military Veterans Association (SANMVA)

The project addresses section 5 of the SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL MILITARY VETERANS ASSOCIATION ACT 18 of 2011 which requires all government spheres to support military veterans. Services SETA addresses the section through implementation of learnership programmes.

Tshisahulu Tribal Council

The project addresses the needs of the youth of this community through implementation of learning programmes such as internships, learnership, bursary support, apprenticeship etc. with the purpose of alleviating the unemployment rate by focusing on the skills that are in need in partnership with municipalities and other government spheres to provide workplaces for the learners.