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Bury Bullying

Bullying is a silent cancer in our communities. We all know someone who has either been a victim of bullying or has bullied others. Whichever way you look at it, bullying is not cool at all as it has a lasting impact on those who are bullied and leaves indelible scars on victims.

We have catalogued and repurposed some of these pieces that have been created, and other content into resources that can be used by educators and learners to assist them in their own ani-bullying initiatives and campaigns. These can be used to create awareness and to develop skills that are needed to identify, intervene and mediate where there is conflict among learners.

Furthermore, as part of our campaign, we are spreading the message of self-love and kindness, and maintenance of dignity among learners to help encourage collegiality and mutual respect among them.

Let us all come together to defeat this toxic and malignant scourge of bullying and in our school communities and society.

If you would like your school, organisation or business to get involved, please reach out to us and join the Burying Bullying Now Movement.