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Search the Learner Portal

Learner Portal

We have created a learner portal to help collect information about potential learners looking for opportunities to receive training. Being on the learner portal helps employers and training providers locate you when they are looking for learners.
The information on the learner portal will be shared with employers, training providers and partners offering Services SETA funded programmes.

What is the Services SETA Learner Portal?

The Services SETA learner portal lets you manage your profile directly with the Services SETA as potential learner looking for opportunities of training programmes funded by the Services SETA. This is what you can do on the learner portal.

  • Create your profile
  • View and edit your personal and contact details
  • Subscribe to receive notices and communication from the Services SETA
How Does it Work?

If you would like your information to be passed on to Training Providers, Employers and institutions that offer training and education opportunities, you will need to register online to create your account. Complete the registration process by entering the following details:

  1. Username – this can be any name of your choosing.
  2. Password – this can be any password of your choosing.
  3. Email – your personal email address, which the Services SETA will use to communicate with you.
  4. ID number – Your SA ID number, as it is on your SA ID document

Once you’ve completed this process your information will be kept by the Services SETA’s Project Coordination Unit and used when there are available opportunities.

Please ensure that your details are always up-to-date.

Where do I Log into the Learner Portal?

It’s simple! You can just follow the link here or log in on the Services SETA website home page