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Occupational Qualification Development

The Development of Occupational Standards and Qualifications is one of Services SETA’s priorities in supporting the stakeholders to ensure that there are Occupational Qualifications to respond to Skills Development Priorities of the Country. The availability of Occupational Qualifications facilitates Skills Development that supports the Labour Market needs

Occupational Qualifications means:

A qualification that is associated with a Trade Occupation or a Profession resulting from work based Learning and consisting of Knowledge Standards, Practical Standards and Work Experience Standards

The Services SETA, having been nominated as the DQP (Development Quality Partner) has managed to successfully developed and register 6 Occupational Qualifications with the QCTO in the last 4 years. Below is a list of registered Occupational Qualifications please follow the link of the relevant documents on the QCTO website, (Curriculum and External Assessment Specification Documents).

Occupational qualifications registered with saqa: accreditation is sought with the qcto.
Occupational Certificate: Garden Worker 2 99692 Services SETA Registration End Date:2023-06-30
Occupational Certificate: Facilities Manager 6 102147 SAFMA ( South African Facilities Management Association) Registration End Date: 2023-06-30
Occupational Certificate: Project Manager 5 101869 Services SETA Registration End Date: 2023-06-30
Occupational Certificate: Contact Centre Manager 5 99687 Services SETA Registration End Date: 2023-06-30
Occupational Certificate: Mortician 3 104621 Services SETA Registration End Date: 2023-09-12
Occupational Certificate: Hairdresser 4 102497 NAMB ( National Artisan Moderating Body) Registration End Date: 2023-06-30

Services SETA has also been nominated as AQP (Assessment Quality Partner for 4 Occupational Qualifications)

Functions of the Assessment Quality Partner (AQP).
  • Recommend the external assessment specifications document for approval by the QCTO;
  • Develop and maintain a national data-bank of instruments for external assessment;
  • Publish exemplars of external assessments,
  • Development guidelines for the accreditation of assessment centres or the approval of assessments sites for external assessments,
  • Recommend to the QCTO the accreditation and withdrawal of accreditation of assessment centres,
  • Recommend to the QCTO the accreditation of skills development providers for the knowledge and/or practical skills component using criteria and guidelines provided by the QCTO.
SAQA Criteria and Guidelines SAQA_Criteria_and_Guidelines_for_providers.pdf