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Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a high-value knowledge network of expert practitioners with shared interests and competencies that interact and engage in discussions to share resources, experiences, stories, tools and approaches, learning with and from each other. Collecting and documenting lessons and practices creates knowledge, builds strategic capabilities, improves performance and fosters innovation.

The Services SETA under the ECDi Programme of Action seeks to convene CoPs for various service areas across the entrepreneurial ecosystem value chain. To ensure relevance and high value, we are seeking to attract active practitioners.

The intention is to cultivate up to 8 CoPs over the next 3 to 5 years that convene quarterly. To maximise participation across provinces these knowledge networks will interact and engage through webinars – online seminars. Outcomes of CoP engagements will be widely disseminated through discussion papers.

Two CoPs are currently running:

  1. BAS (Business Advisory Services) CoP – comprising entities that manage a cohort/database of business advisors, mentors, coaches (rather than individual business advisors) and relevant professional associations.
  2. RM&E (Research Monitoring and Evaluation) CoP –comprising research institutes, university research centres, research and M&E practitioners working in the small business and entrepreneurship development sector and relevant professional associations.

Forthcoming webinars:

  • 08 September 2020 from 09h00 to 11h00 ENO CoP Webinar
  • 15 September 2020 from 09h00 to 11h00 RM&E CoP Webinar
  • 22 September 2020 from 09h00 to 11h00 BAS  CoP Webinar

To join either of the CoPs visit the Services SETA LinkedIn Page, click on ‘about’ then click on the CoP under ‘featured groups’ (bottom right hand side) then click ‘request to join’ or email Khanyisa Mbangatha via and the ECDi will connect you.