Skills Development Providers / Accreditation



- Send a Letter of Intent email to only if applying for a full qualification with Services SETA

- If applying for accreditation for a Unit Standard or Skills Programme, you do not have to submit the Letter of Intent to QCTO

- Under Step 6 – Documents of the application process, you must upload the QCTO referral letter


- If you are accredited by another SETA and are looking for programme approval on Services SETA Unit Standard or Qualification, please get your primary SETA to send MOU request letter to Services SETA on your behalf before applying online.


- Complete the online applications on the Services SETA’s Learner Management and Information System (LMIS)

- Click HERE for the user guide

- Upload your Quality Management System, including the details of the Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator


- If you have your own learning material, please upload it under Step 6 – Documents

- If you want to use the Services SETA available learning material, please note that you can only access the material after your application has been approved. You can access the material by contacting a Services SETA Provincial office or Head Office Accreditation department.


- Once evaluation is complete, the Services SETA sends a recommendation for accreditation to QCTO for full qualifications

- QCTO communicates the outcome directly to the provider on full qualifications

- Services SETA communicates the accreditation outcomes for unit standards and skills programmes directly with the training providers.

CAM Process Aug 2018 Download
2018/06/21 - Letter to QAPs Final Download
2018/06/29 Letter of Intent for SDP Accreditation - hist quals Download
Accreditation Checklist Download
Skills Development Provider Communique RPL 2017 Download
Accreditation Guidelines for Providers docx Desktop evaluation 2018/11/16 Download
Services SETA units standards linked to the Services SETA qualifications as at 01 July 2018 Download
Joint Communique 1 of 2016 Registration and Accreditation of private education and training Download
New Accreditation Application Process Notice Download
New LMIS System Application Download